🦊Welcome to PostyFox

PostyFox started out life as a fork of PostyBirb.

The original PostyBirb+ code can be found here.

However, these days it has morphed - as I have become more involved in the PostyBirb project, PostyFox has pivoted to be focused on providing a platform to offload posting activities into the cloud and mean that posters do not need to have devices on all the time.


PostyFox is not very imaginatively named, I know. But hey, I'm a techie fox, not a marketing guru.

My aim is to take the absolutely amazing PostyBirb tool and add some features to it that are missing - specifically the ability to post without needing to leave your PC on. Originally I started this project out as a straight fork of the project adding features, but now that I'm more directly involved, it is no longer needed as that.

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